There are many components to the word “Communication” but in the end, the bottom-line remains the same — ensuring your key message is heard and understood. ┬áThat’s why McIvor Communications (MCI) provides services in so many disciplines.

We’re communication experts and whether providing full-service public relations packages, single components of larger initiatives or supplementing in-house resources, MCI has provided leadership and support ranging in size from one-off communications projects to full-scale implementation and management of new initiatives.

Communication services offered include:

Public, media and government relations — Stakeholder relations are a critical component of any successful organization’s operations. A comprehensive consultation process includes clear communications outward as well as the ability for meaningful feedback to flow back in to the scope of the project. From development of an over-arching plan, to front-line operations using a variety of mediums, to reports and tracking via relational databases, MCI provides a full spectrum of services aimed at developing meaningful relationships with those interested in your project.

Corporate Communications — Whether internal or external – or both – our expertise covers audit and evaluation of existing communications, recommendations and development of communication plans and implementation of that plan. Our experience also includes crisis communications and identifying potential issues for clients as well as preparing strategies and position statements to address the situation.

Project Management — MCI is well-disciplined in the planning, organizing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of goals and objectives. With a clear road-map that establishes actions, timing, budget and outcomes, we have worked with a number of clients to ensure their projects – no matter the scale – are carried out with efficiency and success.

Strategic Communications — MCI works with clients to develop communications that are in sync with their overall corporate goals and envisioned positioning in their market. This is more than just getting your message out to the right audience. It is ensuring that all communication programs are harmonized and are meeting the objectives of the organization. Our process starts by defining a company’s vision of their reputation and then filling in the steps and actions that will be needed to take them there.

Association Management Consulting — MCI has over 20 years experience in the business of not-for-profit association management . Services include:

  • Achieving management and administrative efficiencies.
  • Membership retention, new member campaigns, and development of membership services.
  • Budget planning.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions and development of short and long-term action plans.
  • Government relations.
  • Media and public relations.
  • Coordination of special events.

McIvor Communications Inc. also has in-depth experience in the following fields.

  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Creative Design & Desktop Publishing
  • Event Management